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Mineral & Energy Law

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or utilize mineral resources, the legal landscape can be full of uncertainty, hidden perils, and sudden shifts. In many instances, the legal hurdles outweigh the engineering and geological obstacles.

At Waters Law Group, our legal team is experienced and dedicated to helping landowners as well as mineral producers large and small to cut through the legal challenges to help you have a profitable mineral project.

Moreover, we understand that no energy project can be successful if all of the profit is wasted on legal services from a large and bloated law firm, which is why we are dedicated to working faster more effectively to address your legal needs. We forge legal solutions to mineral and energy law issues, often at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our legal services have included the following:

  • Landowner & mineral holder representation in negotiation with leasing interests for coal, oil and natural gas resources throughout the Appalachian basin.
  • Asset acquisition, buy/sell agreements, wheelage contracts & numerous other contractual arrangements for mineral producers.
  • Litigation for mineral issues including mineral right ownership, lease forfeiture, and breach of contract issues.

If you need assistance with a Mineral or Energy Law issue or want to explore what we have to offer, please contact us.


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